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‘I’m not sure what’s going on, but I object’: Confusion on House floor Thursday during attempted shutdown-ending vote

The House floor got chaotic on Thursday after the House passed a continuing resolution by voice vote — a request for yeas and nays — to fund the federal government through Feb. 28. The bill didn't include funds for a border wall, the issue holding up shutdown negotiations since GOP members want it, while Democrats don't.

What followed was approximately 13 minutes of parliamentary argument between Republican Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer over the voting on the measure.

What if Trump disagrees with SOTU delay? Pelosi: ‘We'll cross that bridge when we come to it’ 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday discussed her call to postpone President Donald Trump's State of the Union address until after the shutdown is over. She cited the security considerations that are always in place for the annual address, which consolidates most of the government's power into one room in the Capitol.

Federal worker: ‘Sometimes this is the only meal someone will get’

In the absence of a paycheck, acquiring basic necessities is becoming increasingly burdensome for furloughed federal workers. World Central Kitchen opened its doors on Pennsylvania Avenue on Wednesday with an event called #ChefsForFeds, to provide hot meals for federal workers who have been impacted by the government shutdown....
First 2020 Senate race ratings are here

Ready or not, 2020 is here — at least politically.

While the presidential race will consume this cycle, don’t forget about the fight for Congress, where both majorities are likely to be at stake. And control of Capitol Hill will affect the ability of the president to get things done to start the next decade..

It’s official - longest shutdown ever

As the government shutdown enters its 24th day, watch as Roll Call explains a brief history of government shutdowns. ...
Trump, Pelosi dig in to their positions on border security as president heads to Texas

As the government shutdown over border security drags on, President Donald Trump on Thursday addressed members of the press while departing on a trip to Texas. The president stressed that the GOP is unified on a border wall and criticized Democrats for not wanting border security — points that were refuted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her weekly press conference also on Thursday....
Jeffries, Clark and new members call to end the shutdown and protect the ACA 

House Democratic Caucus Chairman, Hakeem Jeffries and Vice Chairwoman Katherine M. Clark held their first weekly press conference to address the continuing government shutdown and legislative priorities for the Democratic majority. New members Xochitl Torres Small and Colin Allred addressed border security and protections for the 2010 health care law respectively in their comments. ...
What really happens during a government shutdown, explained

President Donald Trump and Congress continue to spar over federal funding for the remaining seven bills left to pass for fiscal year 2019.

Watch: Pelosi, Lewis and House Democrats unveil legislative agenda for 116th

House Democrats at a news conference Friday unveiled the legislative priorities that make up H.R. 1 — a package with voting rights, campaign finance and ethics measures. Leaders said they're hoping for votes soon on parts of the package, which received the No. 1 to indicate their view of its importance in the new Congress....
In first mock swearing-in, Pence is no Biden 

Vice President Mike Pence facilitated his first mock swearings-in, Thursday for the newly elected senators of the 116th Congress. Pence, however struck a more reserved tone than his predecessor, Vice President Joe Biden, who was known for goofy antics during the ceremonial event every two years. ...
How does impeachment work? 

As President Donald Trump prepares to deal with a divided Congress and as Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the word impeachment keeps surfacing in Washington.

So, what really happens if an impeachment resolution is introduced? Roll Call explains how the process would shake out.

Remember When Donald Trump Wanted Mexico To Pay for the Wall? 

President Donald Trump’s efforts to get Congress to pay for a border wall is a reversal from one of his favorite talking points - that Mexico will pick up the tab....
Watch: Paul Ryan's Farewell Address as Speaker

Speaker Paul Ryan gave his farewell address at the Library of Congress on Wednesday, stating that he leaves Congress the same person as he arrived. Ryan reflected upon his time as a representative of Wisconsin, gave some parting advice to current and new members, and laid out his vision for a great American century. ...
Watch: More Roll Call Photos of the Year (The Ones That Hit The Cutting Room Floor)

Roll Call selected 22 images that defined 2018. But the year was much more than that. We've compiled dozens more photos into this video that summarizes the year on the Hill and campaign trail....
Who’s Next? The Presidential Line of Succession, Explained

The vice president is first in line if something happens to the president, but there's a lot more to the presidential line of succession. Roll Call explains who comes next in matters of impeachment, death and other extraordinary situations....
What is Ballot Harvesting? Explaining the Mostly Illegal Practice

Ballot harvesting helped deliver many Republican-held California districts to Democrats in 2018, but it is illegal in North Carolina, where it's being alleged in the 9th District race there. Roll Call explains what ballot harvesting is in the context of this controversial race....
Watch: President Trump Announces His Picks for AG and UN Ambassador

President Donald Trump signaled some new shifts in his administration Friday by officially announcing William Barr as his pick for Attorney General before departing on a trip to Kansas City. Trump also announced Heather Nauert as his pick for United Nations Ambassador and hinted at more changes to top cabinet posts in the coming days. ...
Pelosi on N.C.'s 9th, Sage Grouse in Spotlight and CR-unch Time: Today in Washington 
Your guide to the news of the day 

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took questions Thursday on the contentious race for North Carolina’s 9th District. President Donald Trump rolled back more environmental protections pertaining to a chicken-like bird that roams oil country, and Congress passed a continuing resolution, or CR, that will fund the government for two more weeks, as lawmakers hunker down for ...
Elissa Slotkin on Her Mission in Congress: Homeland Over Party, and 'We Cannot Be in Endless Wars'
Meet the New Congress

Elissa Slotkin became an integral part in the Democratic takeover of the House on Nov. 6 by winning her seat in the Michigan 8th — a district that went for Trump in 2016. In a new interview with Roll Call, Slotkin discusses her history as a former CIA analyst working for both Democrats and Republicans, and her philosophy of reaching across the aisle to benefit her constituents and the country as a whole.

Bush 41, Awkward Moments and Tumultuous Tariffs: Today in Washington 
Your guide to the news of the day 

The day in Washington began as it often does, with an early morning tweet from President Donald Trump — this time about tariff talks with China. And the city, and nation, remembered the life of George H.W. Bush, as friends, family and dignitaries gathered at the Washington National Cathedral to pay their respects. Watch for 60-seconds on today in Washington. ...